Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massages:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Improves Circulation
  • Helps Manage Pain
  • Improves Posture
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Relieves Tension                                                    
The Exceptional Massage
Come let our certified massage therapists create the perfect massage to meet your specific needs.  Our therapist will use a combination of  various techniques, including  but not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Reflexology to create an exceptional massage experience.

  30 min - $40         60 min - $70        90 min - $100  

Swedish Massage

Let us ease your muscle tension and promote relaxation with a smooth even glide.  Perfect for those who don't like much pressure.  Upgrade to a Focus Swedish if you have one (1) area that need more pressure.

Full Body - $40    Focus Swedish - $55   90 min - $80

Deep Tissue Massage
This intense focused massage gets down to the bottom of things.  Aimed at the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles, this treatment will invariably work out hard knots or adhesions that exist in muscle groups focusing on problem areas and stiff muscles.

  30 min - $50         60 min - $80        90 min - $120  

Ortho Massage
This specialized massage is used for the treatment of chronic pain associated with arthritis, bone pain, muscle spasms, headaches, sciatica, neck pain and more.  Initial assessment required.
Assessment Fee - $20  
30 min - $45         60 min - $75        90 min - $95

Sports Massage
This specialized massage is great for pre-performance, post-performance, during training, or for rehabilitation.  Athletes and fitness buffs of all levels will benefit from a sports massage.
30 min - $45 





Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage




Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  •  Muscle relaxation
  •  Increase blood flow to specified areas
  •  Acceleration of healing process
  •  Mental relaxation


You'll be blown away by our exceptional Hot Stone Massage that is truly out of this world. Combines heat and pressure.

 30 min - $45         60 min - $75        90 min - $100

Lavender Hot Stone Massage

Relax your muscles, mind and stimulate your senses with our Lavender Hot Stone Massage. Combines heat, pressure and aromatherapy.

 30 min - $50         60 min - $80        90 min - $120



Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Circulation
  • Stimulated Nerve Function
  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased Energy

    Relexology can assist the following conditions:

    * Allergies
    * Arthritis
    * Asthma
    * Back Problems
    * Blood Pressure
    * Bowel Disorders
    * Constipation
    * Eczema
    * Frozen Shoulder
    * Gynecological Disorders
    * Hay Fever

    * Insomnia
    * Knee Problems
    * Multiple Sclerosis
    * Muscle Tension
    * Neck Problems
    * PMS/Hormonal Problems
    * Respiratory Problems
    * Sinusitis
    * Stress Disorders
    * Thyroid Imbalance


    Reflexology is the practice of massaging, squeezing, or pushing on parts of the feet, or sometimes the hands and ears, with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body to improve general health.  Come let us squeeze you back to health.

    30 min - $35          60 min - $60



    Benefits of Facial:

    • Increased circulation
    • Stimulates skin
    • Slows down premature aging
    • Increased hydration
    • Lymphatic drainage


    Illuminating Facial

    Our custom facial are designed to meet all of your skin care needs.  Our state art eqipment and top off the line products delivery results that are unparalleled.  All facials include skin analysis, lymphatic drainage, muscle toning, and a beautiful glow.

    30 min - $45       60 min - $75       Full Back - $80

    Add Acne or Anti-aging Treatment  Starting at $20

    Paraffin Facial

    This hydrating facial is great for those 
    with dry, sensitive, or dehydrated skin.  Includes gentle double cleanse, Anti-Aging Stem Cell Serum, a paraffin facial mask and Anti-Aging Stem Cell Moisturizer.

    45 min - $80       

    Add Lactic Peel for additional Hydration and Exfoliation for  $30

    Non-Surgical Face Lift

    Considering a face lift?  Once you've completed one of our series, the thought of a surgical face lift will be a thing of the past.

     Lift - $95        Series:  6 Lifts - $570         9 Lifts - $855          12 Lifts - $1140





    Benefits of Microdermabrasion:

    • Anti-Aging
    • Improves texture and tone of the skin
    • Improves whiteheads and blackheads
    • Brightens dull skin
    • Removes dry patches and rough skin
    • Evens skin tone
    • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
    • Treats enlarged or clogged pores
    • Improves age spots, hyperpigmentation, mild acne scars, sun damage, and brown spots
    • Promotes collagen production
    • Improves stretch marks
    • Improves Ingrown hairs


    Reveal beautiful, youthful, healthy, glowing skin.  Erase fine line, wrinkles, rough patches, and imperfections.  Have the skin you've always wanted.

    Face  $50   with facial  $75
    Series: 3 - $145      6 - $250 


    Erase rough patches, diminsh stretch marks, and imperfections all over your body.

    Knees  $40 Elbows  $20   Back of Arms  $60    Thighs  $95   Full Leg $125   Full Body  $250
    Custom Series Packages Available




      Remove dead skin cells, eliminate clogged pores, blackheads, and other imperfections.  Diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage and pigmentation.  Reveal new, soft, young, healthy and smooth skin.

      $75        Series:  3 peels - $200        6 peels - $375

      Galvanic Facial Treatment

      Galvanic Facial Treatment

      Galvanic Treatment

      This Treatment uses negative charges to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin, while it also oxygenates and increases circulation.  Positive charges help products to deeply penetrate the skin, reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and deliver immediate results.

      As standalone treatment $60

      As an add on $40

      Series of 3   $150   Series of 6  $300

      Anti-Aging and Acne Packages

      Anti-Aging and Acne Packages

      Micro- Peel

      Great for those with dry, aging skin looking to reveal new healthy skin, reduce, scarring, sun damage and wrinkles, and increase collegen and elastin production with immediately noticable results.

      $95       Series of 3  $265       Series of 6   $475

      Micro- Galvanic

      Ideal for those looking to lift, tone, tighten, nourish, and fight the signs of aging.  Amazing results.

      $85       Series of 3  $230       Series of 6   $425


      Mind blowing results when combine the all the benefits of these three powerful treatments.

      $150       Series of 3  $400       Series of 6   $750





      Be prepared to feel baby smooth after we prep your skin, utilizing the most gentle wax, and soothe you skin with post-wax products.

       Lip, Chin, or Side burns       $10                                  

      Brow        $15                       Half Leg        $35

      Full Face   $25                       Full Leg         $65                                

      Bikini       $45                       Half Arm       $30                               

      Brazilian    $60                       Full Arm       $45                                 

      Under Arm  $20                      Full Back       $50                               

      Full Body (Bikini, Underarm, Full Arm, Full Leg)   $180          $220 (Back included)

      Full Body (Brizilian, Underarm, Full Arm, Full Leg) $200        $240  (Back included)


      Lash Extensions

      Lash Extensions

      Lash Out

      Who needs mascara when you can wake up beautiful? Dramatically enhance the look of your face with a lash application.

      Clusters  $25          Fill-In $10

      Individual  $120       Fill-In  $50

      Ear Candling

      Ear Candling

      Benefits of Ear Candling:


      • Reduces stress and tension
      • Sharpens mental functions

      Helps with the following issues:

      • Sinus congestion
      • Colds
      • Headaches
      • Sinus infections
      • Lymphatic congestion
      • Balance
      • Ear aches & infections
      • Sore throats
      • Equilibrium
      • Candida
      • Mucus

      Ear Candling

      Ear candling acts as a catalyst to clear out debris accumulated on nerve endings. This allows for clear vibrational flow to the corresponding areas of the mind, body, and spirit. This clears the way for other methods of healing. 

      $25    $10 for each set of additional candles

      Hydro Therapy

      Hydro Therapy

      Benefits of Hydro Therapy:

      • Weight Loss
      • Detoxification
      • Beautiful Skin
      • Stress Relief
      • Cellulite Reduction
      • Joint Pain Relief
      • Relieves Sore Muscles
      • Improves Circulation
      • Reduces Inflamation
      • Immunity Booster

      Pure Detox 

      The luxurious way to a full body detox.  Relax as our steam treatment opens your pores to remove impurities, toxins and heavy metals, whilie increased circulation allows for profound detoxification and purification. 

      Must be done on consecutive days!!!

       70-110 minutes     3 day - $180    $60 each additonal day up to 7 days

      Sore Joint Treatment

      With the onset of cold, dry weather, age  and injury, many people experience joint discomfort. This gentle, balancing treatment helps to flush out toxins in the joints and help to reduce inflammation. Full-body massage with therapeutic herbalized oil for joints, followed by a purifying, moist heat treatment. 70-110 minutes     $95
      Fat Burning Weight Loss 
      For anyone serious about losing inches and burning fat. By raising the core body temperature, the metabolism increases resulting in burned calories (not just loss of water weight). 60 minutes.  $75

      Two-week Bi-weekly Weight Loss Program   $275 

       Six-week Bi-weekly Weight Loss Program   $750

      Lavender Relaxation Scrub

      Pamper yourself with the ultimate in relaxation with our all-natural, soothing Lavender spa products.  Package includes Lavender Harvest Essential Oil massage; Lavender Body Polish for an exfoliating/hydrating steam treatment; Lavender Flowers & Herbal Infusion aromatherapy and our Shea Nut Butter with Lavender for a little extra moisturizing after steam.   $95


       Exfoliate and soften to reveal healthy radiant skin.  Includes scrub and steam.

                      30 minutes   $35


      Let us help you increase circulation, metabolism, eliminate toxins and burn fat with this simple hydro-therapy treatment.

                       20 minutes   $25

      Contour Body Wrap

      Contour Body Wrap


      Benefits of Contour Body Wraps:

      • Permenant inch loss of up to 14 inches
      • Improves general health
      • Contours soft tissue of the body
      • Detoxifies the body
      • Diminishes cellulite
      • Restoration of blood circulation
      • Cleanses of body tissue


      Our contouring body wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  The result permanent inch loss.

      75 min - $95

      Wrap Series:  3 Wraps - $275   6 Wraps - $495

      Inch Loss Wrap

      Jump start your inch loss with a lymphatic drainage massage with our Maintain Cream, hydrotherapy to open your pores and start burning fat, conclude with detoxification of fat cells. Includes lymphatic massage, hydrotherapy, contour wrap with before and after measurements, and Maintain Cream to take home for continued results.

      120 min - $150

      Wrap Series:  3 Wraps - $400   6 Wraps - $750

      Spot Treatment Wrap

      Remove inches and toxins from 3 targeted areas.  Includes Hydrotherapy.

      60 min - $75

      Wrap Series:  3 Wraps - $195   6 Wraps - $375

      Therapeutic Hand and Foot Care

      Therapeutic Hand and Foot Care

       Benefits of a Therapeutic Hand/Foot Care Treatment:


      • Increased Circulation
      • Relax and Rejuvenate aching Hands and Feet
      • Pain Reduction
      • Removal of Toxins
      • Supple Healthy Hands and Feet

      Sweet Feet   $45  

      Beautiful Hands and Feet are a must.  Relax, stimulate and soften.  Includes a herbal soak, buff, Sweet & Salty scrub, warms towels, Shea Butter Massage and paraffin.

      Hands - $25     Feet - $35

      Hands/Feet combo - $60

      Add Hot Stones for $10



      Ionic Foot Bath

      Ionic Foot Bath

       Benefits of Detoxification:                                                                                            

      • Promotes a sense of well being
      • Heavy metal removal
      • Positive effect on weight loss
      • Seasonal allergy relief
      • Increased oxygen levels and energy
      • Inactivation of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus
      • Faster recovery time from illness, accident, or surgery
      • Reduced inflammation and fluid retention
      • Enhanced nutrient absorption
      • Improved sleep & relief from tension
      • Positive effect on Immune system
      • Removal of waste products, such as diacetic, pyruvic, butyric, carbonic, uric, heptic and lactic acids
      • Symptomatic relief from edema, gout, swollen joints, pain, and headache
      • Safe for children 4 and up
      • and many more!!!!!!
      Sole Cleanser   $35

      The ionic foot bath produces positive and negative ions that reverberate throughout the body to remove toxins and rebalance cellular energy.  While the body’s natural electrical impulses flow daily, age, injury, and illness can affect the electrical flow. 

      The ionic foot bath, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, works to detoxify the body of harmful substances and re-establish its natural balance. Users of the ionSpa ionic foot bath testify to the healthier, obvious difference they feel after a session.




       The intent of acupuncture therapy is to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering.  The perspective from which an acupuncturist views health and sickness hinges on concepts of "vital energy," "energetic balance" and "energetic imbalance." Just as the Western medical doctor monitors the blood flowing through blood vessels and the messages traveling via the nervous system, the acupuncturist assesses the flow and distribution of this "vital energy" within its pathways, known as "meridians and channels".  The acupuncturist with the insertion of very fine needles into specific points along these "meridians" is able to influence health and sickness by stimulating certain areas.


      The application of the same technique as above using the pressure of the finger tip instead of needles.


      Acupuncture/ Acupressure can be beneficial for the following:

      • allergies
      • asthma
      • back-pain
      • bladder issues
      • circulation
      • constipation
      • drug addictions
      • ear/hearing problems
      • fibromyalgia
      • gastrointestinal distress
      • heart problems
      • incontinence
      • jaw pain
      • kidney health
      • liver function
      • menstruation
      • nerve-pain
      • obstructions
      • paralysis
      • prostate
      • reproductive health
      • sinuses
      • skin complaints
      • stomach/digestive
      • stroke recovery
      • throat problems
      • uterus
      • vaginal discharge/bleeding
      • women’s’ health

      Acupuncture/ Acupressure  ~  $65/$75 per treatment

      Initial Consultation ~ $35




      Reiki is a holistic treatment that is approximately 2500 years old, is derived from two Japanese words:  REI meaning Universal Spirit and KI meaning Life Energy.  The therapeutic effects of Reiki are obtained from a "universal life force" that provides strength, harmony and balance to the body, mind and soul.

      Reiki affects each individual in a very personal way.  The results of every Reiki treatment are determined by the needs of the person being treated.  Reiki is a Giving of the ever present Life Energy - each individual draw in just the right amount of life force energy that he/she needs.  Reiki can detect area of energy disruption, imbalance or blockage and cleanse the body of negative feelings, emotions, or physical burdens.  Reiki treatments increase the vitality and therefore enhance the ability of the body to detoxify .

      Reiki is not a belief system, therefore, no mental preparation or direction is necessary to receive a treatment, only a desire to receive and accept.  Reiki is a wonderful tool to help one develop consciousness, the very key to enlightenment.

      Benefits of Reiki

      • Release Stress
      • Release Negative Emotions
      • Balance Energies
      • Increase Creativity
      • Increase Awareness
      • Amplify Engery
      • Accelerates Healing
      • Detoxifies Body

      Reiki  ~    $65 per session    3 sessions for $175

      Micro-Current Therapy

      Micro-Current Therapy

      Benefits of Micro-Current Therapy:

      • Rebalances Body's Electrical Current
      • Improves Circulation
      • Reduces Pain and Inflamation
      • Accelerates Healing
      • Lymphatic Drainage

       Micro-Current Therapy can assist the following conditions:

      • Acute and chronic sprains and strains
      • Arthritis
      • Tendonitis
      • Bursitis
      • Fractures
      • Torn muscles and ligaments
      • Neuralgias
      • Overuse injures such as carpal tunnel
        and tennis elbow
      • Neck and back pains
      • TMJ problems
      • Headaches
      • Neuromas
      • Pinched nerves


      Recharge your battery with our powerful treatment Micro-Current Therapy.

      30 min - $60        60 min - $100        3 treatments - $275        Buy 5 get 6th Free



       Let Us Upgrade You

      Get the most out of your time with us.  Add any of the following services as the"cherry on top" to your day at the spa.

      • Paraffin Treatment  Hands or Feet
      • Reflexology Hands or Feet
      • Ionic Foot Cleanse
      • Hydro Therapy

      Upgrades Starting at $10




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